Fedora 13 and CUDA

UPDATE: CUDA works now with Fedora 13 (64 bit) !!!
Here’s a the way how I did it:

  • Start with a fresh install
  • In one of the first menus select “Install with basic video driver”, this is crucial !!!!
  • finish installation
  • make sure you have gcc and the kernel-devel installed
  • Go to NVIDIA homepage, download the latest driver and install
  • get the latest CUDA toolkit (I selected 3.0 for Fedora 10) and install
  • Before using the toolkit, comment out three lines in on of the header files, which lead to errors when calling nvcc. The SDKs won’t install, but this is nothing new.
  • That’s it. Have fun

Forget about what I have written before (below this line)

After two unsuccessful tries to get CUDA running under Fedora 13 (64 bit) I gave up.:-(
Here’s a short summary of what I did.
1st run:

  • Fresh install
  • download CUDA toolkit
  • install without error, but GPU seems not to be used for CUDA computations which I supposed to be a driver issue
  • Playing a little bit with the kernel, messed up things and X freezes after boot.

2nd run:

  • Fresh install
  • followed installation of NVIDIA driver as described here
  • yum reports error as one package “nss-softokn-freebl” is newer than the version which is required for the rpmfusion packages, downgrade of “nss-softokn-freebl”
  • install native NVIDIA drivers from rpmfusion, reboot, screen freezes

If someone has succeeded in getting CUDA running under F13, please contact me.

I am now really thinking to say bye bye to the Fedora world. It was a good Linux system which served me for a long time, but I am little bit disappointed that they stop supporting the priori version quite early (after a year or so). I think Ubuntu has the same policy on that, so I am considering Debian seriously…

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